Release, Remember & reclaim

Womb Initiation with the spirit of Kambo

Embracing the power of our womb through initiation is more than a personal journey. Undeniably, it is an entry into a timeless alliance of the feminine spirit.

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Releasing the past, embracing the future

Womb Healing means breaking free from the
chains of the past

In Tantra, different parts of the body are considered energetically charged, and the womb space is seen as the yin or receptive pole of the female body. It’s thought to store experiences, especially those related to femininity and sexuality.

Sadly it often bears the weight of unprocessed emotions and energetic imprints. Due to generations of patriarchal dominance, collective trauma, and a widespread disconnection from the sacred feminine, our womb space can become burdened with the remnants of past experiences. This includes the accumulation of dense energies, memories, and emotional residues from childhood, coupled with inherited ancestral traumas and imprints from the collective consciousness.

Such energetic congestion within the womb can manifest as blockages, which can affect our physical health negatively. More so they influence the way we perceive and navigate through life. More profoundly, they can hinder our connection to the sacred and the divine feminine within us.

Past emotional experiences and energetic imprints, especially from former intimate partners are also stored in our sacred space. These residual energies can create 'blocks,' making us emotionally unavailable for new, nourishing relationships. We might find ourselves trapped in the echoes of the past, hindering our ability to move forward. This continually draws in similar patterns of unsupportive or toxic energies.

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  • Restore your womb to its initial state of innocence

    clearing of energetic imprints, stored emotional baggage & physical and emotional trauma, healing after abortion or pregnancy loss

  • Reclaim your power and your voice

    reclaiming our inherent strength, so we can express our authentic voice, strengthens our innate intuition, allowing us to tap into our inner wisdom effortlessly.

  • Remember your sacred feminine Nature

    Shifting the awareness to your womb space, reconnecting with the magic and sacredness of existence in alignment with your higher purpose.

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What My Packages Include

Womb Initiation with the spirit of Kambo

– 3 Womb clearing sessions with Kambo cleanse  (2 – 3 hours/session)

– Private WhatsApp-Support 

– Rituals and practices to support your individual process, tailor-made for you. 

Womb Initiation & 1-0n-1 Coaching

– 3 Womb clearing sessions with Kambo cleanse  (2 – 3 hours/session)

– Private WhatsApp-Support 

– Rituals and practices to support your individual process, tailor-made for you. 

– 3x 1h coaching sessions

Womb Initiation & Inner Radiance

Inquire directly with me for further details

Are you ready to release, heal, and reclaim what awaits deep inside your core?

This offering is dedicated to all women who are willing and ready to reclaim the power and wisdom of their wombs through the healing fire and loving support of Kambo.

Through a profound cleansing process, we can liberate ourselves from the chains of the past, let go of what no longer serves us, and reactivate the natural, original blueprint of our womb’s energetics.

A fully activated and reclaimed womb is a source of immense power. It revitalizes our entire being, enhances our creative and sensual energies, and aligns us more closely with our true essence. 

This activation is not just about healing; it’s about thriving in our natural, empowered state.

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