The Cosmic Womb Retreat

It's time to awaken and embrace the dormant power that has been waiting within you.

Are you prepared for 7 days of deep ancestral healing, cellular womb clearing, and the empowering journey of reclaiming and owning the infinite creative potential of your womb together with like-minded souls?

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The womb is meant to create and give birth to life, not just to children but anything that seeks to be born through us!

This offering is dedicated to all women who are willing and ready to reclaim the power and wisdom of their wombs through the healing fire and loving support of Kambo and other sacred medicines.

Our upbringing in a men-dominated, patriarchal society that doesn’t honor the feminine nature in its entirety can deeply impact our connection with our wombs. Additionally, traumatic (sexual) events and challenges experienced during our early childhood and maturation into women take us further into disconnection.

This can affect and block our capacity to tap into our inherent feminine wisdom, the creative powerhouse deep inside the belly. It can also decrease our ability to feel the pleasure and juiciness of inhabiting a female body, ultimately disconnecting us from our sensuality and femininity.

This 7-day residential retreat is a deep dive into the reality of our womb, reconnecting us back to our seat of power and the magic & sacredness of our human existence. 

Let's be honest

To truly thrive in our female health, well-being and creative expression, we must reclaim the sacred space of our wombs as ours.

When we tap into the vast creative potential of our wombs, opening ourselves to the life force and allowing it to flow through us, we become intimately connected with life itself and, ultimately, with the divine. This connection and openness infuse our existence with vibrant aliveness, allowing us to taste and feel the richness of even the smallest experiences.

Meet Your host

Hey there! I’m Arja…

My vision, as a womb-bearing being, is for all of us to reconnect to the wisdom of our bodies and wombs. This wisdom unites all women on this planet – having a womb, bleeding, shedding layers every month – it makes us sisters. The collective field between women emanates from our wombs. Living in this knowledge makes us allies.

I envision a world in which women come together to celebrate the divine gift we carry within – the sacred technology of conceiving the spark of existence. It’s the gift to bring forth life, to give birth to existence, whether in the form of a human child or through birthing a project or vision that emerges from our physical form.

My heart desires to live in a world that is rooted in truth, founded on love, and in which we are embraced as the sovereign free beings we came here to be.

Retreat details

7-day Immersion

The cosmic womb retreat

  • 7-day all-inclusive retreat
  • Accommodation
  • Healthy meals
  • 3x Kambo cleanse
  • Sacred rituals and ceremonies 

Your Investment: €899

What happens next?

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You asked, I answered!

The cosmic womb retreat is a 6 night/7 day deep dive, including all meals, 3 Kambo ceremonies and additional supportive sacred medicines, rituals and ceremonies. 

While previous experience with sacred medicines is not a necessity to apply, it is however supportive to already have done a certain amount of inner work. Having experience is not a guarantee for admission in the retreat either. There will be a screening process for each applicant to see if this is a right fit for both of us.

We recommend staying away from alcohol or drugs and follow a clean diet a few weeks prior to the retreat. 

The Womb is our Seat of Power - The Queendom in human form


The womb is the void of creation. Everything comes from there. 

It is the fertile darkness from which anything can be birthed.

Connecting to our womb is our birthright 

Reclaiming the power of our womb is our ancient legacy 

Are you ready to claim your crown?