Black Obsidian Yoni Egg


This exquisite black obsidian yoni is the real deal. It is GIA-certified and has exceptional quality. For me it is a powerful ally in shadow work, to go deep within myself or for any clearing work.



* 100% Black Obsidian mineral gemstone Egg, drilled or undrilled
* Cotton linen pouch to conserve the egg and eventually, to apply weights
* Instruction Brochure in English (other languages are available to download digitally)
* Optional: Natural Yoni Egg String

SIZE: 4,3cmx3,0cm

CRYSTAL ORIGINS: Mexico, San Andreas


The Black Obsidian crystal properties are known for their stabilizing and grounding effects. This makes it an excellent crystal for reigning in scattered energies as it is birthed from the contact of incandescent lava with the coolness of the sea waters. Whenever you feel spread too thin, you can use this stone to restore harmony in your root chakra. This will anchor your energy center securely to the Earth.

In healing layouts, the Obsidian crystal brings a strong presence with its powerful grounding properties. Specifically, when your head is lost in the clouds, unwelcome side effects can occur. This can include procrastination and feelings of isolation. If you find yourself getting lost down the rabbit hole of spirituality, the Obsidian crystal makes an excellent tonic for restoring a harmonious balance between your spiritual self and the physical world of reality.

Explore your innermost self with the Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

Use the Obsidian properties to anchor yourself securely into the earth, keeping your eyes on the stars and your feet planted firmly on the ground. Black obsidian makes the unseen seen. I use it mostly for shadow work and energetic clearings. Ancient Mexican cultures used obsidian mirrors to travel to divine realms and connect with ancestors. Using a black obsidian yoni egg opens the internal mirror and allows us to see ourselves more clearly. Furthermore, it enhances our ability to self-reflect.

Its deep, transformative vibes also help enhance the stones around it, therefore making it a big-time magnifier of healing energy. Certainly, the Obsidian stone also makes a trusted companion to carry with you during a healing process, especially one that unfolds over time. It gives us the strength and patience needed to overcome challenges, no matter how long the journey takes.

GIA CERTIFICATE (Report n. 2195410480)

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