Menstrual Cup


This is the BEST menstrual cup I have ever tried and it is the only one I am using! This product is from my favorite brand Sacred Woman. It is hypoallergenic and maximally skin-friendly while being eco-friendly and a sustainable alternative to conventional products. A win-win for us and our planet!



Designed by women for women!


A Menstrual Cup is a flexible cup made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone that doesn’t mess with your body. More som instead of absorbing your flow, like a tampon or pad, it catches and collects it. It sits just below your cervix and collects x 3 tampons worth. You can wear your cup for up to 8-12 hours, during the day and also at night!

Once you get the hang of inserting it, there’s no need to wear a backup pad or liner. You can go and do whatever you feel you want to do without any mess or obstacles.

One of the pros of using a cup is that it does not contain chemicals found in tampons and pads (such as bleach and dioxin). It is reusable, eco-friendly and does not create any waste. It is also cheaper in the long run as it is durable and will last up to 10 years!

In conclusion, it is eco-friendly as switching to a menstrual cup can save the environment from approximately 16,000 tampons, panty-liners and sanitary pads in your lifetime, which can take between 500-800 years to fully decompose!


We have been wearing and trying a variety of menstrual cups over the last past years, and YES, although they really DID changed our whole period experience, from time to time there were always some issues regarding the cup, either it being too firm or the stem too invasive giving us some discomfort and unwanted cramps, or they were always leaking.

We’ve been looking avidly for the perfect cup for ourselves and to share with our sisterhood, so after looking and trying all sorts of brands and concepts, we finally found the holy grail and we are so excited to share it with you.

Its ergonomic shape and curve fit perfectly in the vagina of most women. This way the stem gently lands towards the urethral hole making this cup most likely the most comfortable to hold in your precious Yoni during the delicate time of menstruation.

Like all cups, it needs time to master how to wear it, and please do not give up! If you have any issues regarding the cup feel free to message me and I can help you try to find the way to insert it correctly!


100% medical-grade silicone.

Silicone is derived from quartz, a type of sand, which is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. Therefore, silicone is not hazardous to the environment. Additionally, Sacred Woman cups are not colored, avoiding any additives.



Height 70mm, Width 40mm, Capacity 20ML.

Choose this size if:

* You have a light to normal flow
* If you never gave birth vaginally
* If you are a first-time user and never used internal products prior such as tampons and cups
* If you are a teenager
* If you are a virgin
* If your cervix sits quite low during your bleeding time.


Height 80mm, Width 42mm, Capacity 30ML.

Choose this size if:

* If you gave vaginal birth
* If you have a very heavy flow
* If your cervix during bleeding time sits quite high.

For a video tutorial on how to wear the sacred woman cup and more specific guidelines on how to chose the right size for you, watch this video.

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